Cytoxan belongs to the medicaments that are prescribed for fighting breast cancer. It is based on the active substance that is called cyclophosphamide that is utilized for chemotherapy together with other medical complexes. The main goal of the remedy usage is the after operation treatment that is designated to prevent the revival of the tumor or decrease the size of the tumor at pre operation stage.

Correlation between Cytoxan and AlcoholThe Cytoxan remedy is frequently used with other medicaments as it is strongly affected by the substances which are present in Adriamycin and Taxotere as they serve as powerful effect enhancer which increases the chance of successful overcoming of the disease. The principle of Cytoxan’s action is based on the capability to inflict serious harm to the cancer cells, depriving them of the capability to revive and split. All this happens on the DNA level and it explains the level of effectiveness. However, with cancer cells the substance is also damaging vital body elements like blood, hair and skin as it is not a selective medication.

Correlation between Cytoxan and Alcohol

The intake of fluids which contain ethanol is strictly undesirable as it can result in stomach issues together with internal bleeding. The full list of the side effects can be found in the leaflet of the drug. The chemotherapy and the effects that are caused by the alcohols drink are totally opposite and their correlation is like a devastating blast on molecular level. It wasn’t proven yet but it is claimed that ethyl substances are capable to catalyze the development of tumor as in some manner it stimulates the egoistic genes which are responsible for constant division.

The elements synthesized within a consumer are said to be of oncologic genesis. They might be attacked by the active substances while being present in blood thus the substance damages the body fluid itself. As a result, the combination of cancer remedies and ethyl can result in the following body malfunctions:

  • The growth of metastasis speed.
  • Lowering of the positive impact of the medication.
  • The growing rate of side effects.
  • Overall decrease of health rate.
  • Non-cancer nature pathologies.

Cytoxan precautions

Cyclophosphamide with alcoholBesides the capability of being impacted by alcohol, there are several other cases when the medication can result in abundance of side effects and it is mandatory to consult the guiding doctor to find a substitute for Cytoxan. The cases which demand refusal are the following ones:

  • Neutropenia or low level of white blood cells decreases overall body resistance resulting healthy cells damage.
  • After passing a course of chemo or radiation procedures.
  • Tumor penetrated the bone marrow.
  • If the person is facing disease that was caused by virus.
  • Issues with kidneys or liver.
  • Presence of allergy of any kind.

Anyway it is not advisable to test one’s luck and take actions which potentially are capable to lead to grave outcome. That is why sick people should avoid intaking Cyclophosphamide with alcohol to achieve maximal medical result.